35 años, más de 2,000 clientes, más de 5,000 maquinas, garantizan nuestra experiencia, calidad y compromiso.

We are a company with more than 33 years of experience in the design and manufacture of packing machinery, specializing in machines for filling, liquids, pastes, powders and granules in rigid containers, as well as systems for capping, labeling and related equipment.

Our focus is mainly in the food, drinks, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, agrochemical and industrial markets, with specialized equipment for each of these markets.

With state-of-the-art technology and crossing experiences and technology of the different sectors we serve, allows us to have a broader vision and combine the different trends and technologies to achieve more efficient and advanced equipment for your special application.

We have enough infrastructure, equipment, machinery and personnel to ensure a quality product and provide support and warranty to our customers and products, we are convinced that this is our best competitive advantage, which allows us to continue meeting the needs of our customers in more than 33 countries.


En EQUITEK diseñamos, fabricamos y comercializamos equipos para envasado, tapado y etiquetado, así como servicios de postventa para un optimo funcionamiento, satisfaciendo los requerimientos de las partes interesadas buscando superar sus expectativas con base en el cumplimiento de nuestros objetivos de calidad, apoyados en la mejora continua de nuestros procesos para ser un aliado estratégico de nuestros clientes.


Offer our customers high added value quality solutions, providing packaging machinery, efficient in all aspects of productivity, using the latest trends in technology with the highest standards of quality and always focused on our areas of expertise.

Instalaciones de Equitek
Instalaciones de Equitek


Conformar la mejor empresa, comprometidos con nuestros clientes, colaboradores y proveedores, ofreciendo la mejor opción en líneas de envasado, tapado y etiquetado, con base en nuestra pasión por la innovación, la calidad de nuestros productos, y un excepcional servicio.


In order to offer better machinery and give more added value to our clients, regardless of their country or region of origin, we decided to create and establish as a guiding design criterion, what we have called Global Design.

Marcas de los componentes de Equitek

1.- Pay special attention to the components that we select for the integration in our machines, since their joint work directly influences the robustness and efficiency of the machine.

2.-The selected components must comply with superior quality standards, comply to international norms and standards, in order to facilitate their exchange if necessary.

3.-The manufacturers of these components must have a global offer and distribution, in order to achieve an easy refurbishment of the equipment, either in USA, Mexico or anywhere in America, Europe or Asia.

4.-The machines must be designed in such a way that it facilitates packing and international transportation. The installation must be simple and fast, the operation easy and intuitive.

5.- Be able to "tropicalize" the equipment for specific regions or countries.

6.-This is how, our machines are developed for a global market with local refurbishment.



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